Boricua Slots


A Puerto Rican slot machine game


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If you love slot machines and you also feel some kind of affinity with Puerto Rico, you should give Boricua Slots a try! In this game, you can try your luck by betting and connecting Puerto Rico-themed elements like a rooster, maracas, and different kinds of instruments.

Playing is very simple, especially if you're familiar with other casino games. You'll have a total of 100,000 virtual coins that you can spend on different bets. You can also play using one, two, or three rows on the slot machine.

In Boricua Slots, you can use the 'bet max' button to bet high and try to win the prize. If you win the prize, you'll have more coins to bet and you can keep playing without worrying about running out of money. Boricua Slots doesn't have a lot of features, but the game is entertaining enough to keep casino lovers hooked, having fun gambling without risking real money.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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